A Rainy Day in East

When it rains in Nashville, it pours.

And then it stops abruptly, and the skies open up.

But you’re no fool.

Instead of ditching your waterproof garb at the first tease of blue, you fight the rise of glee in your belly and pull your rain jacket a little tighter around your body. Your suspicions are warranted, too. Because just as certain as witnessing a party barge attempting to navigate through standstill traffic on Broadway, is that on days like this it’s always going to start raining again.

While the safest option is to stay in bed when the weather is hell-bent on being erratic, we’d rather not let its naughty behavior hinder our intention to do some exploring. We even like to think there are some areas of town that are a bit more charming under a steady state of gloom.

So, next time the forecast shows a little (or a lot of) rain on the weekend and you’re staunchly against remaining cooped up at home, consider exploring this little pocket of East Nashville.

Time: ~ 4 hours

Cost: $ – $$

Neighborhood: East Nashville — Eastwood/Rolling Acres

Walkability: Mix of travel by car and foot, so bring that umbrella

Stop 1 — Breakfast @ Café Roze

This spot isn’t good just for taking the perfect Instagram pic (though we wouldn’t totally judge you for visiting with the sole intent of capturing its dusty pink aesthetic). No, it also does good on delivering a menu of healthy yet tasty options alongside a variety of comforting lattes – the perfect combo to brighten a rainy Nashville day, no?

If showing up right when it opens or breakfast at the bar isn’t your forte, a short wait is likely. But don’t let that deter you. Instead, use the extra time to order their signature Roze Latte (with a milk of your choice) from the coffee counter, and get to snapping those pics! Then once you’re seated, we recommend ordering the Egg Bowl – though truthfully you can’t really go wrong with anything on the menu.

Stop 2 — Shops @ Porter East

Just down the road from Café Roze is a strip mall of sorts that’s home to a community of small and independently owned shops, restaurants, and businesses. If supporting local is important to you, Porter East is sure to be right up your alley.

Grab your umbrella or throw up the hood of your jacket as you mosey between the stores. With names like Amelia Styles, Apple & Oak, Lucaya Clothing Co., Hunter & June, and Dirty Livin’, we’re sure there’s something for everyone. And even though you just ate at Café Roze, we’ll turn a blind eye if you happen to stop in for something small and sweet at Hummingbird Cracker Co., KOKOS Ice Cream, or The Loading Dock.

Stop 3 — The Book Shop

If you’re not ready to head back home just yet, we’ve got another stop for you. Head down Eastland Avenue toward The Book Shop, a cozy little spot offering a curated selection of books covering a range of topics. Get lost in the thousands of unique titles, judge them all by their covers, and then maybe, just maybe, leave with something new to read for the next rainy day.

Tell us: How do you spend your rainy days in Nashville?

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