A Laid-Back Sunday Morning

Cue up Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 and let’s start this day off on a high.

Whether you want to hear it or not, we’re reminding you that the arrival of Sunday does not translate to the weekend being over (contrary to what you’ve been conditioned to believe). Nope. Technically, it signals that we’re only halfway there. And regardless of whether or not your Saturday night antics resulted in your brain rattling in that head of yours the following morning, you still have an entire day to take advantage of before you’re expected to tend to work-related matters (that is, if your lifestyle is supported by a traditional 9-5).

In a bid to stop you from so easily leaning into the Sunday Scaries and wasting your last day of freedom before the grind starts, we’ve come up with a nice and wholesome morning that’ll surely put a little pep in your step and set you up for a better week ahead.

Time: ~ 3-4 hours

Cost: $

Neighborhood(s): Oak Hill or Belle Meade and Germantown

Walkability: Driving to get to the major stops, walking once you’ve arrived

Stop 1 — Coffee (and a Bite)

Whether it’s at home or from your favorite shop, the best Sundays always start with some delicious, brewed-to-perfection coffee (or tea). If you’re planning on heading out for your cup of joe, a few of our coffeehouse favorites around town are Crema, Frothy Monkey, Falcon Coffee Bar, and Barista Parlor – all with tasty food menus to match! Depending on where you head next (see stop numero dos for your options), you can determine which makes most sense for your outing.

Stop 2 — Walk or Hike

Our favorite way to get our steps in, you ask? Out in the midst of nature with a walk around Radnor Lake or a hike at Percy Warner Park – with coffee in hand of course! When choosing between these parks, we recommend considering time of day, where you live in town, and the level of physical effort you’re willing to exert (which, if you’re hungover, we can’t expect to be too high).

Radnor is a beautiful state park with a relatively easy and shaded trail that takes you around the lake, often revealing stunning views of the water through the thick trees and bush. The park offers an abundance of wildlife to be seen (deer, owls, turkeys, etc.) and a visitor center that dives into the species that call the area home. Our favorite thing about this particular trail, though? No running allowed. So you won’t feel badly about the fact that you’re trudging along while others seem to possess all the energy you’ve exchanged for a mediocre night out. Radnor Lake has limited parking, so unless you’re waking up bright and early or waiting until midday to hit the trails, we’d recommend heading over to Percy Warner.

Percy Warner is one half of the “Warner Parks” and is much larger and more accessible than Radnor Lake at most times of day. There are multiple entrances and lots that lead to a variety of trails at different levels, most of which are paved – something we think is very, very favorable. Because it’s larger and garners more visitors than the alternative, it can be assumed that the wildlife isn’t as plentiful as what you’d find at Radnor Lake. To each their own, though!

Stop 3 — Nashville Farmers’ Market at Germantown

From the fresh produce available in the market, to the delicious food stalls and curated shops in the Market House, to the lush Gardens of Babylon located on the grounds – there’s no reason not to head to Nashville’s Farmers’ Market.

Our recommendation is to follow up your nature walk with a nice, leisurely stroll through the market (but not too leisurely… no one likes a slow walker). Pick up a bounty of healthy produce to turn into a series of nutritious meals that’ll last you through the work week, and then once you’ve gathered your fare, consider heading to the gardens next door and bring home a new succulent or plant baby that’ll surely put your green thumb to the test (no, just us?).

Tell us: What’s your favorite way to spend a Sunday morning?

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