BFF Date in East

While there are so. many. kinds of relationships we’re expected to navigate and tend to on the reg (romantic ones, familial ones, work ones, ones with our fav bartenders, ones with the pizza delivery man, ones with ourselves, etc.) there’s one in particular we think is worth nurturing extra and routinely celebrating — the one with our bestie(s).

Whether you’re happily single, recently off the market, or existing comfortably in an LTR, your non-romantic friendships are so important to maintain. Arguably even more so than your romantic ones! These gals or guys were there before bae came along, they’ll surely be there if he/she leaves, and they’ll undoubtedly be there watching you promise forever when you find the one — they might even be standing next to you as it all goes down. The constancy is simply unmatched.

So why wouldn’t you show your gratitude for their loyal companionship by spending some pure, unadulterated time with them every now and then!?

Today, we’re honoring this essential connection with an experience dedicated entirely to you and your pal(s)! The best part? This experience can be done day or night, so depending on y’alls moods you can use it as an excuse to step out and see the light of day, or let it inspire your next GNO/BNO.

Time: 3-4 hours

Cost: $$ – $$$

Neighborhood: East — Eastwood, Edgefield and East End

Walkability — While somewhat walkable between stops, we recommend travel by car or rideshare depending on time of day

Stop 1 — Lunch or dinner at Rosepepper Cantina

We here at Bored in Nashville are transplants from Southern California, so it should be no surprise that we’re staunch supporters of Mexican food (alongside a pitcher of margaritas) at any hour of the day. That might have somewhat inspired our first stop at Rosepepper. But this recommendation more likely has to do with the fact that their food is consistently delish, their prices are good, and their vibe is on point day or night. Start off with some buffalo white cheese dip, treat yourself to the Rosepepper special, then carry onward full and very happy.

Stop 2 — Candle making at Paddywax Candle Bar

Your next stop on this bestie date is an easy and fun hour-long candle making class at Paddywax Candle Bar. Before diving into the details, we feel the need to reveal that the “bar” portion of their name isn’t just a cute harbinger of their uber-modish floorplan, either. No, they actually are a bar of sorts with their own selection of wine and beer and nice little BYOB policy you can participate in ($8 corking fee applied)! So if sipping on a beverage here is in your future, Paddywax is more than happy to accommodate, whether or not you arrive prepared. But even if you’d prefer to stay sober, you’re sure to have a fantastic time, and you’ll leave with an incredible new candle to gift or burn at home!

And technically, you won’t be leaving that day/night with your candle in tow, so no need to worry about lugging along your creations to the next stop (and beyond). They have to set overnight, so before you leave you’ll either opt into delivery for a small fee or commit to stopping by in the following days to pick up your candles.

Be sure to reserve your spots for the class prior to showing up — it’s not required, but it’s highly recommended since they have set pouring times with a limited number of seats.

Stop 3 DAY — Ice cream and games at The Soda Parlor

If you interpreted this experience as a daytime one, our third and final stop is just down the street at The Soda Parlor. This sweet (pun intended) and nostalgic little haunt will curb your craving for something sugary with their extensive menu of “Mondaes,” floats, shakes, and more. Plus, they have a selection of classic arcade games to bring out the dormant nerd (their words, not ours) hiding within!

Stop 3 NIGHT — Drinks at Attaboy

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If you treated this experience as a nighttime one, head to Attaboy for a craft cocktail after pouring your personalized candle. This minimalist, speakeasy-style bar specializes in impromptu creations, AKA they operate without menus. They have limited seating and run on a first come, first serve basis, so if it happens to be too crazy when you stop in, there are loads of alternative watering holes that are close by. Other favorites include The Treehouse and Rosemary & Beauty Queen.

Tell us: What are you favorite ways to spend time with your BBF?

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