Celebrate Asian & Pacific Islander American Heritage Month

Hey Y’all. In case you didn’t know, May is Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month, and before the month ends we want to recognize some of our favorite Asian food spots in town and encourage you to order some tasty takeout from them, or if you’re up for it and they’re open, eating in!

Like all restaurants, Asian-owned spots around town are struggling at the moment. But the unfortunate reality is that Chinese restaurants are closing at a much higher rate than others, and that likely (no, definitely) has to do with a new and sneaky form of racism. Sushi, ramen, pad Thai, dumplings — we love to break it to you that none of them have anything to do with coronavirus. So here’s your gentle reminder to stop consciously or unconsciously avoiding them, and let’s help #TakeOutHate by supporting local Asian restaurants this weekend.

Sushi —

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner — sushi is always the answer. A huge surprise came to us Southern California natives when we realized Nashville actually has pretty good sushi. Some of our favorite casual spots to dine in and take out from are Samurai Sushi, Nama Sushi Bar, and Rock n Roll Sushi. For a more upscale experience, we frequent Virago and O-Ku. And an honorable mention (just because it’s located out of Nashville and in Brentwood) is Peter’s Sushi & Thai.

Chinese —

There’s no takeout experience quite like Chinese takeout. From the iconic and familiar containers to leftovers the next day, they’ve mastered the art of making takeout an experience of its own. If you’re craving some comfort food in the form of Chinese, these are our favorite local spots to order from: Best Wok, Inchin’s Bamboo Garden, Tansuo.

Ramen & Pho —

Is there really anything better than a bowl of delicious noodles soaked in a steamy savory broth on a rainy day? We certainly don’t think so. And we’d go so far as to argue it’s just as good when the sun is out. For ramen, we constantly crave Otaku Ramen and Two Ten Jack. For pho, you can’t go wrong with Peace Love & Pho, Far East Nashville, Miss Saigon, and Vui’s Kitchen.

Thai —

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There are a handful of Thai food gems in Nashville that we tend to accidentally (read: purposefully) over order from. Included in that roster are Thai Kitchen, The Smiling Elephant, and Siam Cuisine.

Hawaiian —

Lucky for you, we have an entire guide dedicated to local Hawaiian and Pacific Islander fare.

These are just a small handful of the Asian-owned restaurants we love in and around Nashville. Help us support even more — tell us: what are some of your favorite Asian spots that we’ve left out?!

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