Time Stands Still in Leiper's Fork

We’re gonna let you in on a little secret: Leiper’s Fork.

That’s it. That’s the secret.

If you’re already familiar with this charming little rural village nestled in the hills just outside of Franklin, please, by all means, carry right along living your life.

However, if this is news to you in any capacity, or you’ve heard the name and that’s the extent of your knowledge of it, allow us to introduce you to this seemingly frozen-in-time town and the day trip worth taking next time you’re bored in Nashville.

We recommend a Saturday visit if you’re heading out on the weekend since there’s not much consistency with opening and closing times on Sundays. Most establishments are closed on Mondays as well!

Time: ~ 4-5 hours

Cost: $-$$

Neighborhood: Leiper’s Fork

Walkability: Entirely walkable once you’ve driven out!

Optional First Stop — The Dukes of Hazzard and Andy Griffith Show Cars

It’s hard to miss these iconic cars as you roll down the hill and hit the outskirts of Leiper’s Fork. If you’re an avid Dukes of Hazzard or Andy Griffith Show fan, replicas of The General Lee and Barney Fife’s Police Car are parked on the side of the road, welcoming a can’t-miss photo op. If you find yourself unenthused about these autos, feel free to skip the stop and park your car along the side of the same road they’re on and make your way up to Country Boy Restaurant.

Stop 1 — Breakfast at Country Boy

We’re kicking off your day off in Leiper’s Fork with a hearty breakfast and bottomless diner-style coffee at Country Boy. This family-owned restaurant knows a thing or two about southern cooking and even more about southern hospitality, so we’re sure you’ll feel right at home the minute you walk through their doors. Every day (except Mondays) you can count on finding a diverse crowd of regulars from the area and out-of-towners like us enjoying their delicious homestyle meals. Servings are generous, so we recommend splitting an entrée and a side of their notorious (in a good way) biscuits and gravy!

Stop 2 — Antiques, Tchotchkes, Fine Jewelry, and More!

Once you’re filled to the brim and properly caffeinated, begin popping in and out of the numerous shops along Old Hillsboro Road. Our favorites include Serenite Maison and Props Antiques for curated blends of antique and contemporary finds, Creekside Trading for some quirky collectibles, and Tennessee Turquoise Company, where you can browse a stunning selection of vintage silver and turquoise jewelry. There are tons of other stores and art galleries worth seeing as well, easily taking up a couple hours of your day.

Stop 3 — Live Music and BBQ at Puckett’s

Since we’re sure you’ll have worked up quite the appetite with the shopping spree, refuel with some BBQ, beer, and live music at Puckett’s. It’s cafeteria-style service with plenty of smoked meat options and indulgent sides to choose from, and they’ve got open seating inside and out. If the weather permits, we recommend enjoying the sunshine on their patio and the all-around good feels of the people that are out and about doing the same as you. The stage is indoors though, so if you’re keen on watching and listening up close, be sure to snag a seat inside.

BONUS STOP — Leiper’s Fork Distillery

If when the end of your day in Leiper’s Fork arrives and you’re just not ready to leave the charm of this little town, stop at Leiper’s Fork Distillery on your way home for a tour, a tasting, and a lesson on the small-batch whiskey production history that’s authentic to the county.

Tell us: Have you been to Leiper’s Fork? What’s your favorite part?

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