Low-Key Day/Night at the Factory at Franklin

Sometimes, the perfect remedy to being bored in Nashville is to get out of Nashville altogether. But also, not too far out, because then it becomes a whole big thing that brings with it the frustrations (and expense!) of planning a trip.

That’s why today we’re proposing The Factory at Franklin – a mere 30-ish minutes outside of downtown Nashville, and yet far enough to make you momentarily forget about the bachelor parties fist pumping their way past your apartment on open-air party buses at all hours of the day.

Whether it’s morning, day, or night, this single-stop destination has plenty to keep you busy, entertained, and well-fed. Be sure to check out their events calendar prior to your visit, too, since there always seem to be something going on.

Time: ~3 hours

Cost: $-$$

Neighborhood: Franklin

Walkability: Once you’ve made the drive out, everything is located under one roof!

Eat — Donuts, Tacos, and Seafood, Oh My!

If you’re an early riser and plan to make your trip a morning one, start things off with some caffeine care of Honest Coffee Roasters, and enjoy your beverage alongside a decadent cronut from Five Daughters. Or, for a less-indulgent breakfast, Franklin Juice Co. has you covered.

For everyone else who doesn’t prefer to rise with the sun, The Factory has plenty of delicious lunch and dinner options, too. Grab a drink and a bite to eat over at Mojos Tacos or Funk Seoul Brothers, or head to Mafiaoza’s for some delish stone-oven pizza and a glass of wine *kisses fingers like an Italian chef*. If seafood sounds good, don’t discount Music City Seafood for some oysters and what they’re claiming is the area’s best fish and chips!

If you’re looking for something sweet to round off your meal or something sweet to be your meal, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream is ready to serve you. Treat yourself to one or two scoops of their unique flavors – Brambleberry Crisp is our favorite!

Shop — Truly Something for Everyone

If your trip to happens to fall a Saturday, take your coffee or smoothie and mosey on out to the farmers market for some fresh produce that you can whip up into a delicious meal later. Otherwise, there’s plenty left to peruse inside. The Factory at Franklin is home to an eclectic offering of shops and galleries. With a mix of popular retailers and local artists, you never know what you might discover.

Do — Get Your Hair Cut, See a Show, Learn to Paint

Besides shopping and eating, there are oodles of other ways to spend your time at The Factory, making it an easy day-to-night outing for you and yours! From Third Coast Clay (a paint-it-yourself pottery studio), to The Blockhouse (a men’s barbershop and bar), to The Mockingbird Theater (a state-of-the-art music venue), there are no absences of practical and entertaining stops to take during your visit!

Tell us: How do you escape the noise of the city?

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