Monday Night in the Gulch

Not too long ago, we here at Bored in Nashville had quite the breakthrough, and that major development became the inspiration for our first week-night experience.

A little backstory because you obviously are wondering:

We work traditional office jobs, meaning that five days per week between the hours of 7 AM and 5 PM, we’re either commuting or getting our grind on in a corporate setting. We tend to cross the threshold of our front doors at the end of our days with exasperated sighs, eager for our sweats, dinner, and early bedtimes because we signed up for 6 AM yoga the following morning and we can’t cancel again. Until recently, there was not a chance in heck that you’d find us in any type of social setting after 5 PM, because our learned understanding of the work week was that it was simply much too demanding to also include a social life. That, and we were tired.

Here comes the breakthrough.

Like most new years, 2020 brought with it the universal expectation to take stock of the saddest aspects of our lives and put into action a plan that will address those parts and eventually lead to us becoming our best selves. One of the first things that got put on full blast was how little we’ve actually experienced due to the weak argument that we were too exhausted after work to do anything but be in bed by 8. For multiple evenings per week for the entirety of the year(s) that we’ve lived in Nashville, we lost out on opportunities to eat great food, drink great drinks, listen to great music, explore new places, and meet new people because we were “too tired.”

Let’s be clear — we weren’t too tired… we were complacent and comfortable with routine! Not to mention a little cheap. After all, it is pretty expensive to explore the city, and doing it frequently would surely cut into what little savings we have. So, while you still won’t find us out and about every night of the week, we’re committing to a few nights per month of after-work outings, starting with the one we’ve crafted up below.

Time: ~4 hours

Cost: $$

Neighborhood: The Gulch

Walkability: Very walkable once you’re in the neighborhood

Stop 1 — Maki-Sake Monday at Virago

On Mondays between 5 and 10 PM, Virago has what they call “Maki-Sake Mondays” with half-price sushi and 2-for-1 cocktails and sake at the bar and in their lounge area. Because their menu is otherwise just a bit expensive, this happy hour of sorts is the perfect way to get good sushi in Nashville without having to cash out too much. We call that a win-win.

Stop 2 — Bluegrass at The Station Inn

Follow up your Scorpion Roll and Tokyo Sangria with some drinks and live bluegrass music at the historic Station Inn, located just down the street from Virago. There’s typically a cover to be paid for entry, so it might serve you well to snag tickets ahead of time! That way, you won’t be surprised to find out the show has been sold out before you even get a chance to step inside and learn for yourself why this place is the place to be in the Gulch. Doors open at 7 PM and the shows start at 9 PM.

Stop 3 — Drinks at L.A. Jackson

If you’re anything like us, you’ve all but forgotten about how much you once loved L.A. Jackson. It’s just not worth fighting the hoards of tourists on the weekends to get a seat or catch a glimpse of downtown’s skyline. A Monday night, however, might be the perfect time to reconnect with this uber-modish Nashville spot. Here’s to hoping the clientele is absolutely nothing like the Saturday day-drinking crowd.

Tell us: Do you socialize on a weeknight? If so, what gets you out of the house?

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