Shelter in Place Saturday – Vol. 1

Hellooo fellow quarantine-ers!

We’re just going to get straight to it — we miss life pre-coronavirus. More specifically, we miss life in Nashville pre-coronavirus. We miss the freedom to go out and explore whenever we wanted, to wherever we wanted. And we miss being able to create guides that help you get out to explore and beat the boredom.

Like the entire global population, we’ve had to overhaul our lifestyles as we’d gotten to know them and adjust them to fit into this current climate, and as such, we’ve had to sit and adjust what we’re doing here on Bored in Nashville to better align with things. During the last couple weeks, we have been and are continuing doing our parts to help flatten the curve, which has meant a lot of time inside the house and out on the porch thinking of how we can best continue dishing out content to you. While we are all technically under a government mandated order to shelter in place, we can actually still “get out there” and support local businesses who, like ourselves, are trying their best to stay afloat during these wildly unusual times. And this very sentiment is what inspired us to start a new series called “Shelter in Place Saturday.”

Each Saturday, we’ll release a guide that features a curated mix of local shops, restaurants, workout studios, and more that you can support through delivery or takeout, online shopping, or virtual workouts. We’re hoping that these guides serve as a catalyst for you to look outside the four walls of your abode and to those who could use our business right now.

All we ask is that if/when you leave your house, you cover your face with a mask, a scarf, a bandana, etc.!!!

Send someone flowers via Amelia’s Flower Truck

Few things are as lovely as receiving a surprise delivery. And even fewer things are as lovely as receiving a surprise flower delivery! Though their trucks and their brick + mortars are closed, you can still support Amelia’s Flower Truck by ordering flowers for delivery online. We think there’s no better way to wake up than to wake up and do something thoughtful for someone else, so this Saturday, we recommend the first thing you do schedule a custom bouquet to be delivered to a friend, an S.O., a coworker, or a family member something next week!

Get your flow on with Inner Light Yoga

Follow up your kind floral gesture with something a little more centered on you and your well-being. Inner Light Yoga is one of our favorite yoga studios in Nashville and, until they can open their doors again, they’re hosting daily Instagram live sessions for you to take advantage of at no cost! They also have an online content studio for purchase through Namastream where their classes live permanently. And though their Instagram live classes are free, we think it’d be super cool of you to donated to their owner’s Venmo account (@emmypsinger) to keep their studio up and running and their rent/utilities paid, or if you purchased some of their stylish, yoga-approved merch!

Grab coffee from Anzie Blue

Once you’re feeling Zen and have started your weekend off on a high, we’re suggesting you keep the good vibes going by picking up some coffee from Anzie Blue. This coffee shop is unique in that you can add a few drops of their namesake CBD to any drink order for an extra $2! Might we recommend an oat milk latte with Anzie Blue CBD?

Order takeout for bunch from AVO

If you’re anything like us during shelter in place, you’re also living that brunch & linner life. What is breakfast? What is lunch? And dinner??? Never heard of them without being integrated along with the other. Since you spent the majority of your morning treating others and yourself to some much-needed grace, skip breakfast altogether and grab some brunch takeout from Avo on the way home from your trip to Anzie Blue! We love this plant-based restaurant and their nourishing dishes, especially their kimchi spring rolls, their buffalo cauliflower wrap, and their nachos. But you truthfully can’t go wrong with anything you order.

Order takeout for linner from Caffé Nonna

So you ate a late breakfast/early lunch from Avo and a few hours have passed and now you’re wondering what’s for dinner (or what we like to call, linner) even though it’s not yet 6 PM. We got you covered. Or, rather, Caffé Nonna does. This cozy Italian spot in East Nashville is serving up their delicious plates to go, and we think an order of their fried calamari, their vegetarian bruschetta, and their lasagna nonna make for the perfect at-home meal for two (or one, who are we kidding).

Send a little love to the bars you would have visited —

Your pre-coronavirus Saturday night likely would have carried on after dinner with a drink or two from your fav local watering hole. Support them like you would’ve on a typical Saturday night with drinks to go, or consider giving a donation to their employee fund or purchasing merch. Some of our favorites that we’re supporting this weekend include Mother’s Ruin, Old Glory, Bastion, and Public House at Urban Cowboy.

Tell us — What are some of the local businesses you’re supporting during this time?

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