Shelter in Place Saturday — Vol. 2

Big, big hello and bigger virtual hugs to our fellow bored Nashvillians.

Welcome to our second installment of our Shelter in Place Saturday series, where each Saturday, we’re releasing a guide that features a curated mix of local shops, restaurants, workout studios, etc. that you can support through delivery or takeout, online shopping, virtual workouts, and more! We’re hoping that this series inspires you to look outside the four walls of your abode and to those who could use our business right now. After all, when all is said and done, life in Nashville will be much more enjoyable if our local faves are able to see this through.

And as always, if/when you leave the house be sure to cover your face with a mask, scarf, or bandana! It’s the new cool thing to do (and is totally crucial to stopping the spread of this darn virus).

Pick up donuts & pastries curbside from your closest Five Daughters Bakery

There’s no sweeter way to start the weekend off than with a 100-layer donut (or two, or five) from this local, family-owned gem! Make your morning even more sweet and seamless with their order ahead feature online, where you can place your no-contact order and pay from the safety and comfort of your home. Pick up starts at 7:30 AM, and it takes ~15 mins to process and pack your order. When you arrive to your closest store, give them a call and they’ll bring your donut order right out to you! Nothing can stop us from getting our Purist or Milk Chocolate Sea Salt.

Grab coffee from Humphreys Street Coffee Shop

After you swing by and pick up your donuts, head to Humphreys Street Coffee Shop in the Wedgewood-Houston area. They currently have a walk-up spot, or you can call ahead starting at 8 AM. This special and unique, socially-conscious shop reinvests their profits into programs and scholarship opportunities for the students they employ, with the hope that they’ll go on to transform and impact their neighborhoods in positive ways based on what they learn and discover. We fully stand behind this concept, and it helps that the coffee is simply sublime.

Drive thru Nashville’s Farmer’s Market

Now that you’re well caffeinated and your blood sugar is up from all those tasty donuts (it’s fine, we know you ate them all yourself, no judgement), you’ll be in the right frame of mind for your next stop —the Nashville Farmer’s Market! Prior to heading down, you’ll want to have had checked to see who’ll all be there and contacted them to pre-order your favorites. If you can’t or pre-ordering slipped your mind, you’ll have to be patient as customers are served in the round about. Pick up some produce and support our local farmers, snag some homemade nut butter, grab a bouquet of fresh flowers… all from the comfort and safety of your vehicle! Once you’ve made it through the line and are back home, whip up something nutritious and delicious from that fresh produce you secured, and create a stunning floral arrangement that’ll be sure to make you smile throughout the weekend.

Shop online from some local boutiques, gift shops, etc.

Take a load off from all your errands this morning and kick back, relax on the couch, and shop from some of your favorite local spots! Many have online shopping available, but some you’ll have to browse Instagram for. Today’ we’re taking a look at OAK, Alexis + Bolt, and White’s Mercantile to see what we can discover in clothing, knick-knacks, and one-of-a-kind artisanal finds!

Order takeout or delivery from Vui’s Kitchen

When you’re ready for some dinner, we’re recommending you grab some Summer Rolls and Pho from Vui’s Kitchen. There’s nothing like enjoying something fresh and something warm and indulgent from the comfort of your own home.

Make drinks inspired by Fable Lounge Nashville while you tune into Fable After Dark

Before you claim your semi-permanent spot on the sofa for the evening, head over to your liquor cabinet to mix up a craft cocktail inspired by the many recipes featured on Fable Lounge’s Instagram feed! With drinks like the Black Widow and the Fiesta Fria, there’s no shortage of intriguing nightcaps to end your day with. Enjoy alongside their newest series, Fable After Dark — bedtime stories, fairy tales, and fables told through the screen to you by the staff of Fable Lounge. These are released every Wednesday night on their IGTV!

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