Shelter in Place Saturday — Vol. 3

Hi friends. How’s everyone doing out there? We’re doing okay, if okay is feeling stifled by the four walls that once made us feel safe and secure and disheartened by the constant stream of unfortunate news, but still waking up each day eager to see it all through and make it to the other side. And we are trying our darn best to remain cautiously optimistic as the strict order to shelter in place begins to loosen up in Tennessee. While we personally think this leap for a quick return to life as normal is a bit premature, we also can’t help but grasp for that tiny morsel of hope and reassurance that our fellow laid-off and furloughed Nashvillians may be able to return to work.

We’re not there just yet, though, so we’ll forge ahead with this series to continue keeping things safe for everyone while still being able to support local. Keep reading for our third installment of Shelter in Place Saturday!

Pick up coffee & breakfast curbside from Barista Parlor

We’ve never started a day or day-to-night guide on Bored in Nashville without coffee, and we sure as heck aren’t stopping that trend now! A morning cup of joe (or tea, or whatever your morning beverage of choice might be) is one of the few ways we’ve maintained just a bit of normalcy in our coronavirus-era routines. That’s why we encourage you to venture safely out and grab some coffee on this fine Saturday from one of Barista Parlor’s locations. Order ahead using their online form (the only way you can do it), and then drive up for your AM dose of caffeine! Aside from their Vietnamese Cold Brew or their Bourbon Vanilla Latte, we’re also recommending that you grab some grub to fuel you during your next stop. Might we suggest their Boss Burrito (made with chorizo and tots) or one of their delicious biscuit breakfast sammies?!

Visit one of the recently reopened Tennessee state parks

One thing we can confidently admit we are extremely excited about is the reopening of some of our state parks here in Tennessee! Though these parks are significantly larger than the hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant you can’t wait to get back into, there are still social distancing guidelines to follow if you decide to make a visit. Tennessee State Parks Instagram page has all the important information you need to review, as well as a list of parks that still remain closed for the time being. Get out and enjoy that sunshine, and while you’re taking it all in, remember to never again take for granted the effortless beauty of nature found in TN.

Grab juice, a smoothie, or a smoothie bowl from Franklin Juice Co.

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Aside from a quick jump in a body of water or a shower, nothing is as refreshing post-hike as a cold, fruity smoothie. After a few hours at the park, head to your local Franklin Juice Co. to refuel with a smoothie or smoothie bowl, along with one of their fresh juices (maybe throw in an immunity booster ginger-cayenne shot while you’re there, too). If you’d rather get the dirt and grime off first, you can always opt into delivery so that you’re all cleaned up as you indulge! As always, just be sure to order ahead.

Order books from The Bookshop Nashville or Parnassus Books

One thing we’re loving about the slower pace of life that inevitably arrived when everything else around us shuttered is that we now have so. much. time. to read! We’ve read more in this last month than we read in all of 2019. And instead of dwelling on that shameful reality, we are celebrating this grand return to reading by ordering more books to read from local independent book stores The Bookshop Nashville and Parnassus Books! Some of the titles we’ve read and can’t recommend enough: My Dark Vanessa, Normal People, American Dirt, The Night Circus, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Pick up dinner and drinks from Dino’s

Since you did so good being healthy and active today, we’re indulging you for dinner with some burgers, fries, and beer from Dino’s. Being from California, we’re pretty loyal to our animal-style fries from In-N-Out, but we’re coming clean… nothing, nothing compares to the cheesy animal fries from Dino’s. Be sure to order ahead using their online form.

Donate to or purchase from a cause you support

End your day on a high note by donating to or purchasing from a local cause that you support. From Nashville Humane Association, to Feeding Nashville, to Action for Hospitality, to Tennessee State Parks — there are plenty of worthy organizations and non-profits that we can get behind and get involved with.

Tell us, what are some of your favorite causes you’re supporting during this time?

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