Shelter in Place Saturday — Vol. 4

Maybe it’s because we’ve been cooped up at home for the better part of the last two months (no, it definitely is), but we’ve admittedly been feeling a bit nostalgic about our earliest days spent living in Nashville, eating at the must-eat restaurants and seeing the must-see places. This nostalgia is what inspired our latest Shelter in Place Saturday guide. So keep on reading to revisit some of Nashville’s OG hot spots that you likely haven’t considered in a while, this time without the unbearable lines and wait times due to the influx of tourists to our city. Plus, we’ll share some last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas that you can shop locally!

Enjoy breakfast & coffee from Biscuit Love

When was the last time you considered breakfast/brunch at Biscuit Love? For us, it was the last time we had a first-time Nashville visitor… waaay back in February 2019. Yikes. Due strictly to the line just to get in on any given day, it’s not necessarily high on our list of go-to brunch spots. But since lines are currently a thing of the past, the pull of bonuts is too strong to resist. Order online from their limited menu (we’re eyeing that East Nasty Sandwich, an iced oat milk latte, and obviously an order of the bonuts) and either pick up your meal curbside or opt for free delivery. Their operating hours are 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Walk the pedestrian bridge

We aren’t shy to admit that Nashville’s skyline is pretty freaking iconic (that dang Batman building, man), and every now and then it does good on stirring up all kinds of emotions deep in the pits of our stomachs. There’s nothing quite like viewing it on a beautiful, quiet morning from the pedestrian bridge — something we participated in frequently when we lived downtown during our first year in Music City and got our exercise in by running along the water front. After breakfast, we’re recommending you head toward downtown to take a peak at our beautiful skyline and consider all the places you’re excited to visit once shelter in place is completely lifted.

Grab lunch from Hattie B’s

For us, hot chicken is a once… maybe twice a year meal. Our poor bodies just can’t handle the heat on a regular basis! But our mouths are watering knowing some chicken (medium heat), pimento mac ‘n’ cheese, and southern greens are in our future. Just be sure to order ahead online! We recommend doing this first thing when you wake up and setting a pick up time for later in the day — perhaps on the way home from your walk on the pedestrian bridge!

Order something special for mom from a local spot

Post hot chicken, you’re going to want to take it easy, and we think some online shopping from the comfort of your trusty couch is the perfect Hattie B’s post-game. With Mother’s Day just a week away, it’s a good time to consider something for mom if you haven’t already (confusion on what day/month/year it is is common for everyone during this time, so no judgement). We’re throwing out the following ideas: New skincare from Skin Pharm, some CBD to calm things down from Anzie Blue, something beautifully handmade from Handmade Studio TN, or a sweet, curated box delivered from Batch Nashville.

Order takeout for dinner from Peg Leg Porker

We couldn’t not include some form of BBQ on this nostalgia-driven Saturday guide, so we’re forging full-steam ahead with a hearty dinner from Peg Leg Porker. While there are loads of great barbecue joints in Nashville, we felt inspired to include Peg Leg Porker, specifically, on this Saturday due to their owner and pit-master Carey’s open letter to the mayor. It’s posted on Instagram and we highly recommend giving it a read. What are we ordering to-go from this beloved joint, you ask? BBQ nachos, a pulled pork platter, and something whiskey-based to wash it all down.

Finish off the day with something sweet from KOKOS

What is dinner without dessert!? Swing by KOKOS after you grab your BBQ for some plant-based goodness. “I Love You Berry” and “Green Mint Chip” sound like a couple refreshing ways to end the night, if you’re asking us.

Tell us: What are some of your favorite OG spots in Nashville?

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