Social Distancing on the Weekend

What a strange, crazy, mildly terrifying time we are experiencing right now.

With the latest gov’t-mandated executive order to shelter in place, social distancing and staying indoors are the new norm for us here in Middle TN and beyond for the next couple weeks – though realistically it’ll probs be for the unforeseeable future. And on top of the request to limit our time outside from the capitol, other circumstances (work from home, adjusted schedules, business and school closures, and, unfortunately, layoffs) have left many of us with more time within the four walls of our domains than we truly know what to do with.

We here at Bored in Nashville quickly recognized that our assistance might be at its most essential at the moment. So here we are, to hopefully help appease your boredom!

Instead of our usual curated guide that takes you around a handful of our favorite Nashville spots, we’re going to highlight a few activities that can fill up the odd hour or two you find yourself with at home, or if you’re reeeeally committed (aka super-duper bored), an entire weekend while you’re cooped up indoors!

Keep reading for ways to make the most of social distancing, and for gosh’s sake, DO YOUR PART AND STAY INSIDE (or at least six feet apart from others at all times). Thank ya!

Treat yourself to a full spa experience

We’re talking a complete head to toe refresh that revitalizes every part of your body and mind. Start it off with a shower or bath that pulls all the stops (bubbles and a bath bomb if you’re soaking, an extravagant shampooing sesh regardless, shaving, body oil, and why not throw in a nice in-shower facial, too) followed by your most luxurious body lotion. If you’re a self-tan-er, give yourself a nice social-distanced, sun-kissed glow (perfect for any video dates you might have later — see below), and while it dries, throw on a facemask. Paint your nails, touch up your eyebrows, exfoliate those winter lips – all of this done to leave you feeling your best.

Deep clean the house —

Like, deeeeep clean the house. We spent approx. 6 hours this past weekend completing our own floor-to-ceiling refresh and let us tell you – it felt GREAT. Consider this to-do list when getting started on your own cleaning sesh. PS we listed tasks in the order we think you should accomplish them:

Kitchen — Do the dishes | Clean out the fridge and then organize it | Clean out the pantry and then organize it | Re-organize the contents of the cabinets | Give the sink and faucet a good scrub | Wipe down the inside and outside of the oven and the microwave | Wipe down the counters and the backsplash | Sweep and Swiffer the floors | Take out the trash!

Bathroom(s) — Gather towels, wash cloths, bath mats, shower curtain and throw them in the wash | Windex shower glass and the vanity mirror | Scrub and/or bleach the toilet, shower, and/or bath | Wash any soap dishes or dispensers displayed on the vanity | Clean the vanity surfaces including sink, faucet, and countertop | Sweep and Swiffer the floors | Take out the trash!

Bedroom(s) — Swap your sheets and throw the dirty ones in the wash | Make your bed | Wipe down any surfaces (desk, dresser, nightstand, lamps, etc.) | Sweep/Swiffer or vacuum the entire room, especially under the bed if you aren’t storing anything there! | Take out the trash!

General house stuff — Dust everything: the baseboards, shelves, ceiling fans, faux/real plants | Water any real plants | Take a magic eraser and “erase” all the random marks on your walls | Wipe down any window blinds that may have gathered dust | Clean out and organize the “junk drawer” or “coat closet”

Clean out your closet —

In the same breadth of a full house refresh, you may as well clean out and organize that closet and/or dresser of yours! Take inventory of the items you wear regularly (clothes, shoes, bags, accessories), and then eliminate the ones you haven’t worn the past couple seasons at all. If they’re in good shape, either resell those items on the Poshmark app, prep them to sell them to a local consignment store (when they open again), or gather them to donate to Goodwill. Toss the rest. Spring weather is on the horizon too, so it’s a good time to swap those winter clothes for your spring and summer garb! Once you’ve settled on the items you’re keeping around, organize your closet by color or by clothing type (shirts, pants, dresses, jackets). Refold your non-closet items and organize the drawers of your dresser by type as well (pajamas, intimates, workout attire, etc.). We are big fans of the KonMari method for folding!

Fit in some type of exercise —

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean distancing from wellness too. You should most definitely still be moving your body, and luckily there are so many ways to do it! Even with the executive order to stay inside, you can head out for a walk, run, or hike – just make sure you aren’t interacting with others and maintaining a six-feet social distance at all times. Or, you can opt into streaming a workout on YouTube, Instagram, or other online platform! Big-name and local studios and gyms alike are offering free workouts to do in the comfort of your own home, and many are creating wellness challenges for you to participate in until we’re able to return to in-person classes/sessions. If you can, purchase a video package from a local gym or studio to help them out a bit during this time.

Virtual happy hour, game night, or coffee date with family and friends —

Unfortunately, much of our socializing has been put on hold for the time being. But don’t use social distancing as an excuse to ignore your most important relationships. Instead, pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, virtually grab your family or your closest friends, then hop on FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc. to catch up and hang! If you’re feeling extra up for it, throw on a bit of makeup and do your hair to make your experience a little more elevated than your normal stay-at-home routine. Another fun way to virtually get together with family and friends? Game night! Download Jackbox or another online group-friendly game and get competitive. Nothing will ever be as good as being together in person, but for now, this is the next best thing.

Do a creative project

Draw, write, paint, sew, crochet, make music, pour candles, dance, finally create your 2020 vision board – just do something that requires your full attention and helps you disconnect and quiet the noise of the outside world for a bit. Oh, and do it for you and only you. You don’t have to seek approval by showing your project off on social media (tempting as it might be), and you definitely do not have to treat it like a side hustle or like you’re finally doing that thing you’ve been wanting to do your whole life… doing so will certainly take any fun or relaxation out of it! Do it as a way to slow down, as an outlet, and as a reminder that creativity exists in you!

Learn something new

There are SO many other things than just the ominous COVID-19 news to fill that head of yours up with. Why not stuff it full of random knowledge, important-to-you info, or know-how to complete a task or project? We have an election coming up in 2020, and though we hope you’ve stayed up-to-date with the political climate, now’s a great time to catch up if you’ve let it fall by the wayside. Or, you can finally learn how to sew – a handy skill very few people can actually do. You can take an online course that will help accelerate your career or boost your resume. Or, throw useful developments aside and learn a dang TikTok dance. SO much to be found out!

Get outside

Whether that’s just sitting on the porch with a good book or taking a walk around the block, getting some fresh air and some Vitamin D is critical. If you don’t have a patio or balcony or you just aren’t up for a walk, open a window or two and let a fresh breeze roll through (weather permitting).

Cook a big-ass meal

You know that recipe in that one cookbook you’ve had bookmarked and have wanted to make but you’ve been avoiding it because it was going to take far too many ingredients and way too much time to complete? Welp, now you have the time. Find a fancy-ass three course meal to make with your social-distancing partner, or create a single dish that’s intricate and requires much more attention to detail than you’re used to giving on your typical meal prep Sundays.

Tackle that thing you’ve been avoiding

From the packed-to-the-brim garage to the cluttered filing cabinet, there are certain areas of our home that we tend to try and “forget” exist. Let’s collectively use this time to bring those spaces to the forefront of our minds and at last give them the attention they deserve (and the relief we deserve). Spend an hour or two truly tackling whatever this thing is for you ­– whether it’s the garage or filing cabinet. Or, maybe it’s something a little less tangible like your finances… which brings us to our final suggestion!

Address your finances

We know… checking your bank statements is scary. And why add to a rather scary and uncertain time in our lives by doing so? But we’re firm believers that when you have a grasp on the reality of your finances, you’re empowered to make the best decisions for you and your current situation. That’s why we’re recommending you sit down and get a better understanding of how you handle your cash. Nothing too serious or life changing, but just a moment to take stock of your spending patterns. Here are some questions to ask as you take a peek at things:

What did you bring in last month compared what you spent? Did you end the month positive or negative based on just your monthly income (not any savings)?

What types of things did you notice that you typically spend your paycheck on? Take note of regular monthly expenses (rent, utilities, car payments, loans, streaming subscriptions, insurance, etc.) and irregular expenses (food and drink not including groceries, groceries, travel including rideshare and gas money, for-fun shopping, etc.).

Based on what you found, did you spend more on regular or irregular expenses? Can that irregular number go down to increase your monthly savings? If you think it can, try and set a budget for yourself for the next month or two and see how it goes!

And on a final very, very important note —

In these unprecedented times, it’s critical to show our support for Nashville’s small and local businesses and restaurants, especially if we want to see them come out the other side of this up and running. If you’re financially able, purchasing online from your favorite retailers, buying gift cards, or ordering takeout from your regular diners, cafes, and other eatery types is a huge move that helps them function somewhat normally in the interim. If you are strapped for cash and looking for a non-monetary way to support (as many are), a small-yet-impactful gesture is to leave positive Yelp, Google, and Facebook reviews for these businesses and restaurants, and to engage with their social media pages! You can also follow TN Action for Hospitality on Instagram and head to the link in their bio to take tangible action and voice your concern for the hospitality industry that has undoubtedly made Nashville the city it is.

In addition to taking care of ourselves, we can all do something to help others who are experiencing hardships during this time as well. That’s why our next guide will be a little more like the experiences we typically create, but well within the mandated order to stay away from public spaces. Look out for that in the coming week.

Stay healthy out there, our bored friends!

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