Antiquing, Thrifting & Shopping Vintage on 8th Ave and in 12 South

We here at Bored in Nashville believe there’s little that compares to finding virtue in an item someone otherwise decided was no longer worthy of keeping, discovering an incredible vintage piece deserving of a second chance at life, or scoring a fantastic deal on a luxury item that’s been saved from the landfill. It helps, too, that whatever you’ve discovered comes at a significantly lower price than what it would have been if you purchased it brand-spankin’ new! AND you’re doing the environment a huge favor by buying something restored, liquidated, or secondhand. We call it a win-win-win-win-win because you literally cannot lose when you have a successful shopping experience such as this.

Today, we’re inviting you to explore a handful of stops that are chock-full of restored vintage pieces, grandma’s finest accouterments, grandpa’s timeless garb, and some of your neighbors’ most recent disposables. Plus, we’ll touch on a couple secondhand stores (not in the same neighborhood, though) that buy back in case you’re looking to sell some gently used apparel and accessories in exchange for some cold hard cash (or store credit)!

Time: ~3 hours

Cost: $-$$ (unless you find something really authentic and genuine)

Neighborhood(s): 8th Avenue and 12 South

Walkability: Very, when the weather permits. Driving would help save time, but what’s the fun in that!?

STOP 1 — Coffee at 8th and Roast

We are staunch supporters of a day that starts off with a strong cup of jo (or tea). So why would we kick off this adventure without one? Luckily, 8th and Roast is right next door to our first shop, and their coffee is sublime. While you’re at it, you might as well grab a quick bite to eat from their pre-made, refrigerated section or opt for something hot and fresh out the kitchen.

STOP 2 — Pre To Post Modern

Once you’re properly caffeinated and well fed, mosey on over to Pre To Post Modern where you’ll find a wide array of discoverables including pop culture essentials, Midcentury furnishings, vintage clothing, vinyl records, art, and a crap ton of kitschy one-of-a-kind items! They get new arrivals weekly and tend to have a quick turnover on most merchandise, so their advice to you is to grab what you see if you like it! Whatever it is you’re considering, it likely won’t be there the next morning if you decide to sleep on it (as we’re often encouraged to do).

STOP 3 — Eighth Avenue Antique Mall

Your next stop is across the street and down the road just a hop and a skip at Eight Avenue Antique Mall! This showroom features curios, collectibles, and hard-to-find items ranging from furniture to accents to apparel. Whichever way your style leans (Victorian, Art Deco, Midcentury), you’ll surely find something that catches your eye here.

STOP 4 — Lunch at Love, Peace & Pho

Head on back toward Pre To Post Modern for your post-8th Ave-shopping-trip bowl of pho! Right next door to Pre To Post Modern is Bored in Nashville fav, Love, Peace & Pho. This hidden gem is the perfect spot to hunker down and refuel before heading to the next neighborhood and the final two stops on this thrifting/antiquing tour.

STOP 5 — Savant Vintage

You’ll know you’ve arrived at the right place when you happen upon a swoon-worthy black cottage complete with a white deer bust and a vintage Beamer parked just outside. Enter through the front doors of Savant Vintage and you are instantly hit with a familiar musk-y smell of vintage gold — one that absolutely solidifies the fact you’re about to happen upon something special. Savant Vintage carries quality vintage apparel, shoes, accessories, furniture, knick-knacks… just so. much. good. stuff.

STOP 6 — United Apparel Liquidators

United Apparel Liquidators recently opened their doors in 12 South and we gotta say, we’re SO excited about this neighborhood addition! UAL offers high-fashion brands at affordable pricing — something we are 100p behind. Everything sold here (apparel, accessories, shoes) is new, albeit the items have spent time on the OG retailers’ floors meaning they’ve been tried on, shown on a display, and handled over and over again… so not everything always looks completely fresh as can be, but that’s the price to be paid for affordable finds, right?! Their selection of apparel, accessories, and shoes is incredibly unique, and they get new additions almost daily!

Looking to sell some lightly worn stuffs to make a little extra space in that closet of yours?! We do this frequently, and a couple of our favorite consignment stores to sell back to around town are Buffalo Exchange and Plato’s Closet.

Tell us: What is your favorite what to thrift?! And where do you sell back!?

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