Welcome to Bored in Nashville

Bored in Nashville? We were too. That’s why we created Bored in Nashville.

We’re on a mission to get you out of the house and into the city to check out new or new-to-you restaurants, bars, shops, and neighborhoods. We’ll touch on the tried-and-true ones, too, hopefully getting you to see them through a fresh lens. We want to help you ditch boredom altogether and prevent the dull cycle of resorting to the same things each time you decide to leave the comfort and solidity of your couch.

Bored in Nashville is a trustworthy resource for you to fall back on when the question of “what should we do today?” inevitably arises. Bored in Nashville is not a highlight reel of Nashville’s latest and greatest.

After all, we thought up Bored in Nashville with you, the local, in mind. Because while there are plenty (dare we say an excessive amount) of dependable blogs and guides dedicated to the out-of-towners and bachelor[ette] parties that frequent our city, and loads of reputable Insta accounts that do good on featuring the greatest haunts, there seems to be an absence of guided recommendations for those of us who aren’t all that interested in visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame, taking a barcycle around downtown, or finding ourselves caught in tourist trap after tourist trap when figuring out what to do on any given weekend.

Each week we’ll release a curated day, night, or day-to-night experience that seamlessly takes you through Nashville and some of its surrounding neighborhoods with the hope that your love of the city and your desire to hit the town re-ignites. These experiences will bounce between general and themed — think “A Saturday in 12 South” and “A Rainy Day in Nashville” — ensuring you’ll always have something to call on regardless of situation, and come rain or shine.

Bored in Nashville was born out of our fatigue of, quite literally, being bored in Nashville. We were desperate to break free from the funk. And we’re inviting you to our great escape.

Welcome to Bored in Nashville.

Tell us: What are some things you’d like to see on Bored in Nashville?

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