Work from "Home" @ L&L Market

If you regularly work from home, then you’re surely familiar with the line that gets blurred between what is considered a productive workday and one that’s half-baked. You know what a productive day looks like (at least we’re hoping that you do), so let’s explore that half-baked one, shall we?

A fruitful workday results in that to-do list, done. But the antithesis to this version concludes with you wondering if you actually did anything that moved you forward at all. Sure, you did your laundry, and you cooked yourself a killer breakfast that you’re sure could’ve garnered yourself a Michelin star. You paid the bills. And you ran out and finally made that return you’d been meaning to at Target… but admittedly it wasn’t during your lunch break. You sneak a side glance at that hand-written list of to-dos, and you realize you can’t confidently cross anything off. Because while your day was productive (in the true definition of the word) it wasn’t a productive workday.

When you work from home every day, it’s incredibly hard to stay focused on the task at hand (which is literally to work). Even with a designated space, after a few days of the same thing, your mind is easily going to start wandering to everything else you could be doing that isn’t work-related, especially when there’re loads of things around the house that could benefit from your attention.

That’s why we’re proposing a different kind of work from home day… one that’s not actually worked entirely at home. Consider this experience more of a work-from-home field trip. It’ll be something that breaks up the monotony of your routine, gives you a beneficial change of scenery, and gets you out to experience something new and away from the pesky weekend crowds.

On today’s guide, we’re taking you to L&L Market for the first half of your WFH day. Grab some coffee and a donut… we’re on a mission to help you get. shit. done.

Time: ~4/5 hours

Cost: $-$$

Neighborhood: West Nashville ― Sylvan Heights

Walkability: All under one roof!

Stop 1 ― Honest Coffee Roasters (and Five Daughters)

L&L Market is a large warehouse-style marketplace (it was once a hosiery factory) that features a bunch of incredible retail shops, a few exercise studios, and a handful of eateries/drinkeries. Carved out of a corner of their food hall is Honest Coffee Roasters, where we’re recommending you post up for the majority of your morning. They’ve got free WiFi and delicious coffee, plus a menu of breakfast options to keep you sustained as you get to work. If you’re craving something sweet to fuel your morning, Five Daughters Bakery is right across the walkway. Our go-to WFH combo is an iced latte with a double shot of espresso and oat milk from Honest Coffee Roasters, and a Purist cronut from Five Daughters.

ALTERNATIVE STOP ― Collective615

If you’d rather work in more of a traditional office setting and spend less of your time in a public space, for $40 you can drop into Collective615, a female coworking space at the L&L Market. Here, you’ll have exclusive access to conference rooms, break rooms, lounge areas, a full kitchen, and a private café.

Stop 2 ― Thai Ni Yom

Once you’ve gotten your grind on for a few hours, we suggest you pop over to Thai Ni Yom and put in an order for some Thai food to go. We here at Bored in Nashville loooove ourselves some Asian cuisine, so we 100% back this second stop. While everything looks absolutely delish on their menu, we always recommend ordering the curry of the day!

Stop 3 ― Shop, shop, shop

Consider this the start of your lunch break! While you wait for your food to be ready, give yourself a well-deserved recess and roam around the market to explore some of the retail shops that call L&L home. Some of our favorites include Living With Landyn, Happily Grey, Amelia’s Flowers, and Made in TN!

And once your “lunch break” is over, go ahead and grab your lunch from Thai Ni Yom to head back home and finish off your WFH day.

Tell us: What is your work from home style?

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